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company news about Bio Waste and Organic Fertilizer Compost Machine

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Company News
Bio Waste and Organic Fertilizer Compost Machine
Latest company news about Bio Waste and Organic Fertilizer Compost Machine

What kind of raw materials can be processed into organic fertilizer?

Organic fertilizer is made from natural organic matter through fermentation or processing and is rich in nutrients. It can effectively increase crop yields and improve the land environment. It is a harmless fertilizer.

The raw materials of organic fertilizers usually use animal manure, food waste, river sludge, plant straw, garden waste, and other biomass waste. It can effectively reduce the pollution of waste to the environment, realize the resource utilization of waste, and promote the development of the circular economy.


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How to process manure into organic fertilizer

  • Manure dewatering separator machine

Chicken manure has a high water content, and using a manure dewatering machine can effectively remove excess water. The separate chicken manure becomes drier, which is conducive to manure fertilizer fermentation and composting.

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  • Chicken manure dryer

If you don’t want to compost fertilizer, then a chicken manure dryer is your best option.

The dried chicken manure directly becomes powdered organic fertilizer with 100% organic content. This makes your fertilizer production process more convenient and effectively improves the quality and utilization value of chicken manure.The chicken manure dryer is heated evenly and has high drying efficiency. The fully enclosed processing process achieves the functional effects of dust removal and deodorization.


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Food waste and compost

Food waste is rich in organic matter and nutrients. It can be combined with other plant waste (such as leaves, grass, etc.) and made into organic fertilizer compost through proper processing and transformation, becoming a high-quality organic fertilizer. The organic matter in compost can release rich nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc., which help plant growth and improve soil quality.


  • Benefits of using Kitchen waste as compost

Kitchen waste used as fertilizer compost can realize the recovery and reuse of resources and produce high-quality organic fertilizer.

Kitchen waste in landfills will produce large amounts of greenhouse gases, such as methane gas.

Direct incineration will release a large amount of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide.

Composting becomes an environmentally friendly and effective disposal method that promotes sustainable agricultural development.


Small-output Composting Making Machine

  • Tractor-pulled compost turners

If you already own a tractor, a tractor-drawn turner is your most advantageous choice. The compost truck is driven by a tractor, and the compost truck can be folded when turning to save space when turning.

  • Diesel type compost turner

You can drive your compost turning machine to wherever you want to turn, which makes your turning site more flexible. At the same time, the unique paddle design makes your compost turner equipment work more efficient. You can also add some biological bacteria to the compost when turning the pile to obtain better-quality organic fertilizer.


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Large-capacity Composting Equipment

  • Organic fertilizer compost cover system

The compost pile is the core part of the organic waste covered composting system and is used to place mixed organic waste. The size, shape, and structure of the compost pile will affect the effect of organic fertilizer compost fermentation. Generally, a compost pile with good ventilation and proper moisture content can promote the decomposition of organic matter.

  • Film rolling machine

The film rolling machine can be used to control the ventilation and temperature of the compost pile in the static composting cover system, improve the fermentation effect of the compost, and speed up the degradation and decomposition of organic matter. Even in a cold environment, the appropriate temperature and oxygen concentration inside the pile can still be ensured. This plays an important role in the growth of microorganisms and the compost fermentation of organic matter. The film rolling machine can realize automatic control, support remote control operation, improve the efficiency and stability of the organic fertilizer compost fermentation system, and provide reliable technical support for the utilization of organic waste resources and ecological environment protection.


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The process of compost fermentation is simple and complex, and it requires the rational use of composting technology and equipment to achieve high-efficiency organic fertilizer production. With proper composting, we can maximize the nutrients and fertility of these raw materials and convert them into the organic matter our soil needs.

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