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company news about Classification and characteristics of composting systems

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Company News
Classification and characteristics of composting systems
Latest company news about Classification and characteristics of composting systems

Composting systems can be divided into a variety of classifications based on different factors, each with a variety of results. One classification method is to divide composting systems into static composting systems and dynamic composting systems based on the movement of the piles. Another way is to divide composting into simple composting and mechanical composting according to the complexity of the mechanical equipment used in the composting process. Systems using reactors are often referred to as "mechanical", "closed" or "vessel" systems, while different types of reactor systems are referred to as "open" systems. In addition, composting systems can be classified based on reactor type, material flow characteristics, turning type, and oxygen supply method.

However, due to the complexity of composting systems, a single classification method makes it difficult to comprehensively introduce different composting processes in practical applications. Therefore, it is often necessary to use multiple classification methods simultaneously for description.


Three major categories of composting systems

Depending on the complexity and use of composting technology, composting systems can be divided into three major categories: strip stacks, static stacks, and reactor systems.

Streak composting mainly uses manual or mechanical turning over the pile regularly and uses natural ventilation to maintain the supply of oxygen in the pile to maintain an aerobic state. This composting system is relatively simple and suitable for smaller-scale composting and general organic waste disposal. The process of turning the pile can promote the even distribution and ventilation of materials, and help the decomposition and composting process of organic matter.

The static stack composting system is different from the strip stack type in that it does not turn over the materials during the composting process. This system can more effectively ensure that the pile reaches a high temperature and inactivate pathogenic bacteria; while shortening the composting cycle. Static composting usually uses closed containers to promote the decomposition and composting process of organic matter by controlling conditions such as ventilation, moisture, and temperature.

Reactor composting systems are conducted in one or several containers with better aeration and moisture control conditions. This composting system speeds up the decomposition process of organic matter by precisely controlling factors such as oxygen supply, temperature and humidity. Reactor composting is typically used in larger-scale organic waste treatment or industrial composting projects.

These different types of composting systems can be selected and used according to specific needs and actual conditions to achieve efficient processing of organic waste and resource recovery.


Comparing the pros and cons of various composting systems

Project Compost piles Static compost Reactor composting
cost of investment low low high
Operation and maintenance costs lower low high
Operation difficulty low lower difficult
Affected by climatic conditions big bigger small
Odor control poor good excellent
Covered area large medium small
Compost time long medium short
Compost product quality good good excellent


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