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company news about Fertilizer Granulator Machine Process | Fertilizer Machine

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China Zhengzhou Gofine Machine Equipment CO., LTD certification
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Company News
Fertilizer Granulator Machine Process | Fertilizer Machine
Latest company news about Fertilizer Granulator Machine Process | Fertilizer Machine

Fertilizer Granulator Machine Process


• dry granulation fertilizer machine

Dry fertilizer granulator machine are suitable for materials with low moisture content, such as chemical fertilizers, compound fertilizers, organic fertilizers, NPK, Urea, bentonite, and other powdery materials.

It has the advantages of simple operation, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, and no additives.


• wet granulation fertilizer machine

Wet fertilizer granulator machine is widely used for chicken manure, compound fertilizer, sludge, and other dense raw materials. After fertilizer granulation, the fertilizer particles will be more compact.

The wet type fertilizer granulator machinery needs to be used with a dryer to increase the hardness of the finished granules and ensure that the fertilizer does not deform or agglomerate during subsequent storage and transportation.



Dry Fertilizer Granulator of Factory Price

roller extrusion granulator machine 

A double roller granulator fertilizer machine is also called an extrusion granulator. Extruding the material can be processed into regular-shaped granular fertilizer in one go.

Granulation can be carried out at room temperature, no additives are required during granulation, and the organic content is up to 100%.

By adjusting the roll and die dimensions, the size and granularity of the particles can be changed.

It is widely used to produce NPK fertilizer, Urea fertilizer granulation, feed vitamins, cat litter, snow melting agents, desiccant, and other granular materials.




Wet type granulator fertilizer machine for sale

• rotary drum granulator fertilizer machine

As a commonly used fertilizer granulator equipment, the drum granulator is mainly used to stir, turn, and granulate granular or powdered fertilizer raw materials through rotating granulation.

The rotary drum granulator has high production efficiency and is suitable for large-scale fertilizer production. The finished granules after granulation must be uniform and regular, and a dryer must be used to increase the hardness of the fertilizer granules and effectively ensure the quality of the fertilizer granules.



Automated fertilizer production line

The complete fertilizer production line contains the following fertilizer machine:

1. Compost turning equipment: often used in the production of organic fertilizers, it promotes the decomposition reaction of organic matter with high efficiency.

2. Batching machine: It can proportion a variety of raw materials at the same time and supports remote monitoring and weighing.

3. Crushing mixer: used to process materials to make them more uniform and fine.

4. Granulator: used for raw material processing and granulation technology. There are dry granulation equipment and wet granulation equipment for you to choose from.

5. Drying and cooling machine: It is mainly used to dry and cool granulated fertilizer particles to ensure the product quality and drying effect of fertilizer particles.

6. Screening machine and packaging machine: used for particle classification and weighing packaging of fertilizer particles.



We include multiple production line solutions such as organic fertilizer production line, compound fertilizer production line, NPK fertilizer production line, liquid fertilizer production line, and municipal waste production line. A one-stop shop to help you solve the fertilizer production problems you encounter.




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