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company news about Organic granules fertilizer and Compost

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China Zhengzhou Gofine Machine Equipment CO., LTD certification
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Company News
Organic granules fertilizer and Compost
Latest company news about Organic granules fertilizer and Compost

What is compost

Composting is a method of converting organic waste into organic fertilizer through a natural degradation process. As a traditional biological treatment technology, it has gradually developed towards mechanization and commercialization through the development and progress of the times. Through the processing of composting equipment, the odor and mildew that occur in the traditional composting process, as well as secondary pollution to the environment, can be effectively avoided. Mainly based on aerobic fermentation, it has the advantages of low cost and effective improvement of soil quality. It is an environmentally friendly and sustainable way of waste disposal and resource recycling. It is deeply loved by personal families, gardeners, and farms.


compost making machine


Can compost replace fertilizer

Compost enriches soil, but doesn’t replace fertilizer. Many home gardeners believe that biological waste such as food waste, animal manure, leaves, and weeds can be deposited in their gardens to ferment and decompose, providing nutrients for the growth of plants, fruits, and vegetables. Compost contains nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium that plants need to grow. However, the nutrient content is low and the release is slow. For some crops with high nutrient requirements and special fertilizer requirements, simply using compost may not be able to meet their nutrient requirements. Additional chemical fertilizers are required to meet the nutrient requirements of the plant.


What is granular organic fertilizer

Granular fertilizer is a type of fertilizer that has been processed into granular form for easy storage and use. There are many types of granular fertilizers, including urea granular fertilizer, compound granular fertilizer, slow-release fertilizer, organic granular fertilizer, etc. Select the appropriate granular fertilizer according to the crop to provide nutrients and effectively promote crop growth and yield.

granules fertilizer


How fertilizer granules are made

To produce granular fertilizer, multiple production processes are required.

1. Raw material preparation: Choosing appropriate raw materials is an important preparation before production.

2. Feeding system: According to the formula proportion, the raw materials are accurately proportioned and transported to the next process.

3. Crushing and mixing: Process the materials carefully to mix them thoroughly and evenly.

4. Granulation equipment: The mixed raw materials are fed into the granulator. Through the granulation process, the raw materials are processed into granular shapes with uniform specifications.

5. Drying and cooling: dry the particles to reduce the moisture content and increase the hardness of the particles.

6. Screening system: effectively remove particles that do not meet specifications and re-granulate them to ensure the quality of the finished product.

7. Packaging machine: Granular fertilizers that meet the requirements are packaged to facilitate subsequent storage and transportation.

fertilizer production line


The production process of different raw materials may be different. The production process also needs to comply with relevant environmental protection and quality control standards to ensure that the granular fertilizer produced is safe, and effective and complies with regulatory requirements. We will make full use of our rich experience to customize the best solution for you, you are welcome to contact us!


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